You Know You’re A Novelist When…

As we prepare ourselves for the launch of Preeti’s new book, ”The One You Cannot Have,” we asked her what it was like, to be a novelist. Here’s her witty response:

You know you are a novelist when…

1. You fight with your spouse over something that your imaginary characters said.

2. You look at everything that happens to you, from the perspective of whether it would make a good story.

3. You hate the ring of telephone because–damn, it interrupted this brilliant plot you were constructing inside your head.

4. You login into and look at best-selling titles thrice a day.

5. You know all the names that appear regularly on the Nielsen list and you can reel them off even in your sleep.

6. You want to know how many books a person has written, how many copies it has sold and who has published it rather than being impressed that the person has written a book.

7. You ponder for hours to name your characters.

8. Editors and publishers are not only your friends, but they are the only ones on speed-dial on your phone.

9. You go into hibernation mode and do not socialize, pick up calls or even talk to people, because you are working on a book, and you think it is normal.

10. You walk into a book store and cannot resist clicking a picture of your books.

           – By Preeti Shenoy, author of ‘The Secret Wishlist’ and ‘The One You Cannot Have’

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