Kanika Dhillon: Interviewed by Vaani Arora

We’re eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Shiva and the Rise of the Shadows,’ and found this interview with Kanika Dhillon a good read.

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Kanika Dhillon, the author of Shiva and the Rise of the Shadows, releasing in late September, in conversation with Vaani Arora, film-maker and writer.

VA: You are known to be totally into Bollywood, how did this post-apocalyptic story idea start?

KD: I have always been fascinated with fantasy fiction. I love the thought of creating a world drawn from myth, mythology and imagination, The post-apocalyptic idea started as soon as I was done with my first book, a satire, Bombay Duck Is a Fish. I wanted to go in a completely different direction as a creator and explore a genre that was unexpected, that posed both a challenge and a risk. I was apprehensive to attempt a story like this, but at the same time was excited to create a world that was fantastical and believable at the same time.

VA: What kind of books did you read…

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