Tamasha in Bandargaon

Tamasha in Bandargaon, by debut author Navneet Jagannathan, has been shortlisted for the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize, 2012!

Congratulations, Navneet! We wish you all the very best!


About the book:

In the fictional suburb of Bandargaon, tucked away in Bombay, there’s never a quiet moment. Dreams erupt, hopes shatter, in the heaving Sunrise Apartments, by a rickety tea-cart-Jinias Chai Hause, inside a seedy Jaanam Desi, and by the dilapidated Purana Qila.

Chagan, the dashing hero, who shines like a film-star, spends hours wooing a beauteous Shalini. Shalini, ever fickle, oscillates between him and a pining Vinayak. Vinayak, in turn, tries desperately to win the favour of Shalini’s mother, Lakshmibai. Elsewhere, the local politician, Sajjanpur, tries winning an impossible election; Miranda, a sullen mortician, seeks answers from an ailing priest; and Sultan, the irascible grocer contends with an overfriendly dog.

Reminiscent of R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days, Tamasha in Bandargaon, with its interlinked stories, with its effortless dialogue and wry humour, is at once enriching and entertaining. In the young debut writer’s imaginary world, there’s sound, fury and the distant glimmer of hope.

About the author:

Navneet Jagannathan spent the early years of his life in Mumbai and Bangalore. He then moved to Singapore, where he is currently based. He works for an FMCG major, and writes in his spare time. Tamasha In Bandargaon is Navneet’s first novel.


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