The Westland-Blaft Story

The Laughing Corpse

We thought we’d make an announcement here, disclose news that makes us very happy. Blaft and Westland have tied up.

Blaft  Publications, an independent house based in Chennai, has a wide and varied list, including bestselling Indian crime novels, experimental fiction, pulp art, and graphic novels. Blaft was  founded by Rakesh Khanna, Rashmi Ruth Devadasan, and Kaveri Lalchand, in 2007, with its first titles, including the much-loved Tamil Book of Pulp Fiction, being published in  May 2008.

Blaft and Westland  kick off with a series of four titles by one of the subcontinent’s best-loved fiction writers, Ibne Safi. These will be published, appropriately, under Westland’s literary imprint, Tranquebar.

We are proud to bring you Ibne Safi’s ‘Jasusi Dunya’— a dysfunctional world of titanic villains, mad-genius detectives, and alluring femmes fatales. With a huge cult following among readers in both India and Pakistan, this series spans 125 novels published between 1952 and 1979, and includes some of the bestselling books in Urdu even today. Blaft and Westland will bring out the evocative—even eerie—titles Poisoned Arrow, Smokewater, The Laughing Corpse and Doctor Dread, translated by the renowned Urdu scholar Shamsur Rahman Faruqi.

We are confident that our tie-up will enable us all to expand and diversify our list of books even more grandly!

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